Raid: Shadow Legends is an online role playing game with turn-based mechanics, available on both PC and mobile. The game was made by Plarium Games and the mobile version was revealed to the market in 2018. Later on, raid shadow legends pinterest was recently released last January 2020. One major part of the game is its “freemium” trademark that lets players do micro transactions to purchase in-game stuff like equipment.

The purpose of Raid: Shadow Legends is to rally a group of champions and finish in-game pursuits like quests, mini-quests, player vs. environment or player vs. player fights, dungeon raids, storming castles, and map explorations in deserts or temples. The setting of the game is in the fictional universe of Teleria which is controlled by the Dark Lord Siroth. The game’s narrative begins when players find themselves on death’s door, being killed by a fiery dragon, after attempting to escape the enemy lines.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a “freemium” game, also called a gacha game. Gacha comes from the Japanese word gachapon or a kind of small toy found on vending machines. Gacha games are kind of the same to vending machines. In order to get something, players have to pay for it. Even though this might be an obstacle or even a turn-off for players, in Raid: Shadow Legends, this is not necessarily the case. What is more important are the tactics and strategic calculations of a player in winning certain scenarios.

Raid: Shadow Legends has two attributes which makes it a truly unique game. Firstly, Raid: Shadow Legends is an online role playing game with turn based mechanics where gamers have to take turn when doing something, like an attack or defense. Timeless games like Pokemon, the older Final Fantasy series, or Civilization are some examples of turn based games. Typically, online role playing games implicate real concurrent action from its players and this is known a real time strategy types of games. Disputably, turn based games are thrilling in their own way because of the different game mechanics involved. Secondly, Raid: Shadow Legends has 300 distinct and playable heroes. Commonly, in RPGs, there are just a handful of heroes with their individual characteristics. The characters in Raid: Shadow Legends are recognized as champions and they are grouped according to factions, tribes, rarities, roles, and affinities.

Raid: Shadow Legends has become the outcome of the combination of the best things. The usual characteristics of RPGs like PvEs and PvPs plus newer and modern features are all combined into Raid: Shadow Legends. The game is likewise praised for its superb graphics that is reminiscent to darker high fantasy aesthetics. Indeed, Raid: Shadow Legends found the perfect recipe for a great RPG.

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